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FORMAT - 6 X 48' Narrated, HD     
LANGUAGE - English                  
YEAR - 2019 / 2020                   
CLIENTS - Red Arrow
GENRE - Factual


CULT OF PERSONALITY reveals new information about the shocking lives of the notorious cult leaders who are still manipulating and pulling the strings from behind prison walls and even from the grave. Our fascinating series digs into the psyche of the leadership of each of these destructive cults, their personal history’s, their initial motivation and inspiration and final evolution into cult status. Before Jim Jones was the notorious leader of a death cult, he fought for social and civil rights. David Koresh, Charles Manson, Warren Jeffs, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, their names alone evoke a mix of fear and fascination. These are the charismatic and cruel leaders who all shared a common messianic complex, appetite for violence, and the ability to make those around them succumb to their wishes at any cost - including kidnapping, death and murder.

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