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FORMAT - 6 X 48' Narrated, HD     
LANGUAGE - English                  
YEAR - 2017 / 2018                   
CLIENTS - Red Arrow
GENRE - History


Modern cultures owe a great deal to the ancient civilizations that developed over millions of years of human evolution. We draw much more from their legacy than we generally realize. The Inca, Mesopotamian, Persian, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Roman, and Indus civilizations all still exert deep influences. In this series we will explore how, and to what extent these ancient Civilizations have contributed to our world. Architecture, Science, Society, Communication, Agriculture, Art & Culture, Exploration and The Art of War are the themes. What remains of these ancient civilizations? What still persists today? What did our predecessors invent, create or build in terms of science, communication, economics, politics and social relations? What have been the universal influences that came from different cultures and civilizations? We will discover these influences, and explore how they are still at work today in modern cultures all over the world. This compelling series will dig deep, exploring discoveries that changed the course of history, and are still very much in use in contemporary society.

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