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Max Serio

CEO of PICASSO Film s.r.o.

I’m a television and film producer, director and founder of My work, as an executive producer, director, conceiver, includes popular series on Netflix, National Geographic, Curiosity Stream, ZDF, Discovery channel, RAI, FRANCE TELEVISION, RTL Germany, RMC, ITV, BBC, A&E, History channel.

In collaboration with, I'm associate producer of over 250 hours of documentary series distributed and broadcast from the main broadcasters worldwide in the last 13 years. My credits include psychological thrillers such as Cult of Personality, Inside the Criminal Mind and Serial Psyche and historical series such as The Secret of the Templar’s Knights, Footprints of Civilization and Warrior's Way.

Currently, I'm the founder and principal of the production company Picasso Film and co-founder and principal of the production and distribution company So What media.​


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