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6 X 48' Narrated, HD
In Development

Mafia Life. is not based entirely on the interviews we'll conduct. Far from it. A significant source is judicial evidence, biographical data, and conversations recorded by the police in the course of their investigations. Buried in court files, one can find priceless insights into the life of the people. With this series, we want to bring to the fore the human side of criminal conspiracies. It describes “Mafiosi” as people, no smarter than the rest of us, who make mistakes and occasionally get swindled, ending up dead or behind bars. Just like the rest of us, Mafiosi are born and grow up, perhaps get married, find a job or manage a business, save and invest money, engage in politics, get sick, and eventually die. This eye-opening series explores a secret society fueled by illicit criminal activity from sex trafficking, gambling, extortion and drug smuggling to include interviews with experts and former and current members of law enforcement - mafia hunters from around the world [United States FBI, DEA and ATF officers, Russia’s SVR agents, Japan’s anti-mafia task force agents and Chinese police] - those who conduct stings, go undercover, befriend and infiltrate these deadly organizations to reveal details of their inner operations, secret rituals, loyalty tests and initiation rites. We’ll also include exclusive interviews with former and current Mafia members who tell us how and why they joined - for many it’s a choice for life, others struggle to get out - we’ll learn what it takes to turn your back and walk away and what revenge and retribution mean to those who have what it takes to stay - true Mafia Life.

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