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FORMAT - 4 X 48' Narrated, HD     
LANGUAGE - English                  
YEAR - 2020 /2021                   
CLIENTS - Keshet Broadcasting International
GENRE - History


During World War II, while the most important cities in Europe were being razed to smoking rubble, there were places that still glittered during the darkest nights. Some few countries would declare their neutrality in this conflict, and in cities like Lisbon, Geneva, Stockholm and  stanbul, businesses were open, people went to work, and life went on as usual. Soon, those lucky and resourceful enough to escape the war zone would find their way into these oases of peace. The wealthier would enjoy glamorous lifestyles spent at the elegant hotels, fashion shops, luxurious restaurants or even lively clubs and casinos where Jazz orchestras would set rhythm from dusk till dawn. It was here that Ian Fleming was inspired to write James Bond. It was here that nests of spies thrived, and regimes were made and broken by covert agents in the dangerous and frantic battle for information. Welcome to the Spylands.

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